AWDoffline (ver 2)

AWDoffline (ver 2)

AWDoffline extension will create for you an under-construction page in minutes and lots of more features.

Additional Information


Quick and easy set-up, you can have your under-construction page or offline in minutes after purchase. the extension comes with 2 templates (here at your right) you can also purchase more templates.

Email submission
Twitter (add number of twitts)
On and off display for all features set
Upload logo or add text
Change themes
Offline message
Countdown timer
Install more Themes
Change background color

Secret link for the front login box as users dont need to see that! :) check below

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AWDoffline Installation

The installation of AWDoffline components/plugin for Joomla 1.5 and 1.6+ is quite easy,  after downloading AWDoffline extensions ( find the list below)

1- Go to your Joomla admin area > Extensions > Install/Uninstall.

2- In the Upload Package File section click Browse and locate the archive of the component/module/plugin you wish to install.

3 - install this packages

com_awdoffline - Component

awdoffline - Plugin

4- Then click Upload File & Install to upload the file and complete the installation.


done!! you can now go to your component section and go to offline component to set your information 

""you dont need to set joomla to offline"" this component does it for you!

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